Alphacon Ltd
M&E Contractor
ALPHACON LLC was founded in 2009.

ALPHACON  is an engineering company which has experienced and professional employees - project managers, engineers, installers, designers, commissioning engineers and programmers.

Company specialization is performing of electrical, low-voltage and engineering works on the construction of industrial, public and commercial facilities throughout Russia.

Our main advantage is professional project management, based both on the professionalism of senior staff and on the high qualification of the engineering staff. This allows us to achieve consistently high quality and deadlines as in the case of working on our own and when attracting contractors.

During performance of works on medium and large projects, decision makers are directly on the site in constant contact with the customer and are able to quickly solve any emerging problems.

As part of increasing tax control in recent years, the fact that our company belongs to the category of reliable from the point of view of fiscal authorities should be noted. We pay great attention to accurate bookkeeping and tax accounting. This eliminates the risk of additional tax charges for our customers.


Installation of electrical systems
- Switching and transformer substations 10kV
- Internal power supply, Input distribution devices, Main switchboards
- Internal electric lighting
- Outdoor and facade lighting
- Commissioning works
Production of MCCs
- Production of switchboards for automation and dispatching systems using components from leading world manufacturers.
- Programming of controllers according to the customer's requirements.
- Debugging the shields on production stands.
Installation of security and communication systems
- security and fire alarms
- fire warning systems
- access control
- video monitoring
- the television
- programming, commissioning
Installation of automation systems
- automation of engineering systems (BMS)
- hotel room automation (RMS)
- automation of production processes
- "smart home" systems
- programming, commissioning
Installation of mechanical systems
- ventilation
- air conditioning
- heating
- water supply and sewerage
- commissioning works
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